History of the St Lawrence Cricket Ground

Cricket has been played at the St Lawrence Cricket Ground (image 1) for over 170 years and, in a well-attended and entertaining talk, the Director of the Kent Cricket Heritage Trust, Jonathan Rice, explained why there is a historical connection (of sorts) to more than one kind of primate (images 2 and 3). The talk also covered the background and detail of cricket’s most iconic painting (image 4), commissioned by Lord Harris to celebrate Kent’s first county championship title. No talk could be complete without a picture of the famous lime tree (image 5). Only 3 players are confirmed as ever hitting a six over the top of this tree but sadly such a feat will never be repeated after its loss in the great storm of January 2005 (image 6).

Lots of the buildings are named after famous Kent cricketers but will there ever be a Billings Gate or a Fagg End? And how did WG Grace make history on this ground? To find out this and more send a request to Chas.membership@gmail.com for the full zoom recording.

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