New website

Welcome to our new website. Our previous website provider discontinued all support. This has generated a huge workload of manually transferring all the pages, text and images and links to a new platform. We are very grateful to Solidrock Ltd., for agreeing to host our new website, for setting it up on a new platform and for doing a huge amount of work free of charge including transferring most of the pages. There may still be some content that has not been transferred from the old site, or there may still be some links that don’t work or point to pages on the old site, so if you find yourself re-directed there from some of the links on this site, please report this (and any other problems you may notice with the new site) using the contact form.

Our focus over the last few months has been transferring all the information to the new site. Since it has taken approximately one year to regenerate the site on a new platform, some of pages may be a little out of date, particularly in the buildings section as owners change and frontages alter. We will gradually be updating some of these pages, but If you think that a particular page is out of date and you would like to send in new information and/or a new picture please do so using the contact form. All other comments or suggestions for improvement or for new topics will also be gratefully received.