King’s School Walk July 14th 2023

On Friday July 14th Peter Henderson (King’s School Archivist and former King’s School master) gave a guided walk around the grounds of the King’s School buildings, which occupy parts of the former site of the Benedictine Monastery at Christ Church Cathedral. Peter was a tremendous fount of knowledge and greatly entertained and educated an enthusiastic group of CHAS members and friends. Some buildings (e.g. the Grange) look impressively old but were constructed relatively recently whereas others (e.g Linacre House) have more modern facades hiding a really ancient structure. Some buildings are clearly 20th Century but have interesting nicknames (e.g. Fred’s Shed or the Shirley Temple). The guided walk was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all those who were able to attend.

Peter Henderson talking to CHAS members (with some photographing the Norman Staircase)