Underground Activity

This pile of material on part of the St Augustine’s Abbey site (English Heritage) has been getting bigger throughout this week.


Professor Ken Dark is directing a limited archaeological investigation on the north side of the Church of Sts Peter and Paul, which was built in the early years of the 7th century. The area of the dig encompasses part of the north wall and the burial places of the earliest archbishops of Canterbury. Professor Dark, from King’s College, London, is very interested in Saint Augustine’s mission to Canterbury, and the sequence of events and buildings relating to this time. Recently he published the results of his research in to the possible timescale of the initial building of St Pancras Church, the remains of which are visible further to the east in the St Augustine’s Abbey site.

The dig is expected to last another few days so CHAS members may be interested to visit the site during this time and chat to some of the volunteers or Professor Dark himself.

The Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT) will shortly  start an excavation of the Roman villa and Iron Age settlement remains at East Wear Bay, Folkestone. The dig is to commence next week and continue throughout the rest of August and September. Anyone interested in attending at that site should get in touch with the Friends of CAT (FCAT).