Prehistoric Hand Axe Found in Nackington

CHAS Website visitor, Howard Farmer, has sent us some pictures of a hand axe he found lying on the surface of a field in Nackington. Howard actually made this find approximately 24 years ago, but was inspired to take a fresh look at it following the recent reporting of a similar find on a National Trust property by 10-year old schoolgirl, Evie Newman. To read about her find please click here.

When Howard’s photographs were shared with the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, a contact there confirmed it as a very nice example of a prehistoric hand axe. His initial assessment was that the finish suggested it is a “Thames Pick”, which is actually mesolithic so dating to a pre-farming era. The axe could have been made approximately 5000BC, but we await further details and confirmation from additional experts at CAT.

Please click on the images below to enlarge them.