Biggleston domestic railings

The Biggleston works produced a wide range of products in addition to lamp posts.  These included munitions in war time, industrial gear wheels, bridges, metalwork for the railways, and (the subject of this page) humble domestic railings.

We first spotted Biggleston domestic railings in Adelaide Place, off Castle Place.  Our images (1 and 2) show the railings and the Biggleston name plate.  Note that the name plate refers to Drury and Biggleston, suggesting a relatively early product.

A second discovery of Biggleston domestic railings relates to a complete row of properties (numbers 52 to 80) in Whitstable Road – see Image 3.  Not all have Biggleston name plates, but some do and the row  has the appearance of a set.  Surving name plates have suffered through wear, rust and overpainting – some are very difficult to read (Images 4 and 5).  They also refer to Drury and Biggleston.

Features of the metalwork are shown in Images 6 and 7.  Some of these have been lost – broken off or sawn off (Images 8 and 9).