CHAS Notebook

Welcome to the home page of the CHAS NOTEBOOK, an assembly of images, history notes and descriptive text which present what can be seen in and around Canterbury city, together with brief biographies of individuals associated with the city’s history.  (Nearly) all images will enlarge if you click on them.

There are several ways of accessing the Notebook pages Рuse the search box on the right hand side of the screen to search the site or click below to use the six  indexes available so far:

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These pages have been prepared by a team consisting of David Lewis, Steve Rogers, Alan Thistleton, Jeremy Dunhill, Michael Cross and Keith Watson, assisted by David Bigley (work on the web site) and Sue Chambers (fieldwork on the ground).  Initials at the end of each article indicate the main responsible author.  Copyright for all text CHAS; copyright for for images lies with individual authors unless specified otherwise.  

There are many other web sources for Canterbury history.  We particularly recommend Historic Canterbury and Canterbury Buildings.