Building Stones Home Page

Content of the Building Stone section of the CHAS website has relied heavily on inputs from Geoff Downer, local amateur geologist, writer and walk leader.  We are very grateful to him for finding the time to guide this work, and for sharing his expertise in such a generous way.  Website design and uploading has been overseen by David Lewis, with invaluable inputs from Steve Rogers (photography), Jeremy Dunhill,  Ian Osterloh and Sam Hurn.

The aim of the Building Stones section of the CHAS website is to introduce readers to the range of building stones that can be found in Canterbury cathedral.

For each broad category of use (fabric, floors and memorials), we provide individual pages on each stone. These give a brief summary of where the stones were quarried, what they look like, and their main properties.  They also provide links to examples of use of this stone in the cathedral.

In addition, there are ‘example’ pages that explain where examples of each stone exist, and where these examples can be seen.

Alongside these, we provide index pages to help readers find details on particular stones or details on what can be seen at particular locations, or details for a particular tomb.

Comments and suggestions from website readers would be very welcome – please use the feedback page here.