Books Published by the Oaten Hill District Society

The Oaten Hill District Society has published a wide range of booklets covering individuals, families and streets relating to the Oaten Hill area.  Six of these are still in print, and can be obtained by contacting:

Graham Wood: 01227 472932 (Lansdown Cottage, Lansdown Road, Canterbury, CT1 3JR), or email Mike Brain (

Titles and prices (excluding postage £1.50) are as follows:

The Holmans of Canterbury 1992 Price £3.00

The Bigglestons of Canterbury 1996 price £3.00

Nunnery Fields Remembered 1998 Price £3.00

The Pinnocks of Canterbury 2000 Price £3.00

Old Dover Road Past and Present 2012 Price £6.00

Ivy Lane Revisited 2013 Price £6.00

Longport through the ages 2016 Price £8.00

The Story of Oaten Hill 2019 Price £12 (+£2.70 p&p)

For a summary of the contents of each publication, click on the OHDS publications button

The Oaten Hill & District Society and South Canterbury Residents Association merged in November 2016 to form a new community group, Oaten Hill & South Canterbury Association (OHSCA – pronounced ‘Oscar’).   Use this link for more of their Local History Group.