Cathedral podcasts

When Canterbury Cathedral closed to visitors, the visits department organised a series of podcasts that provided fascinating insight and information on its architecture, history and characters.  Alas it seems that with the re-opening of the cathedral to visitors most of these podcasts are no longer available. We are currently retaining the descriptions (below) and links in case they are ever reintroduced.

For information on two of the gardens which surround the cathedral, including the War Memorial garden, click on “Cathedral gardens”

For a wonderful account of stories associated with 5 different tombs in the cathedral click on “Tomb Raiders”.  The five tombs, all to be found in the Trinity Chapel, are of Thomas Becket; the Black Prince; Hubert Walter; Odet de Coligny; and Henry IV.  In this padcast you’ll also be introduced to  Peregrine Prescott and Risto Pronk, who thought they could steal the Becket bones!

For a moving account of Canterbury Cathedral and World War 1 click on “World War 1”

To find out more about the mysterious dark entry click on “Dark Entry”

To enjoy the stunning architecture of the central tower of the cathedral click on “Bell Harry Tower”

To learn more about the Black Prince and his tomb click on ‘Black Prince’

To learn more abot contents of the Cathedral Archives building

To learn more about the Christopher Whall window (in the south west transept) click ‘Whall window’