Cathedral Reference Sources

Much of the basic material appearing in the Cathedral pages can be found in a limited range of standard texts relating to the cathedral and its past.  To avoid repeated citation of the same sources on many pages, these are shown below.  They also appear in the site bibliography.  Where material from other sources has been included, we have mentioned the relevant sources on the topic page concerned, showing author and year, and given publication details in the site Bibliography page.

Babington, Margaret (1948) Canterbury cathedral, J M Dent & sons 

Bell, David (2009) A guide’s guide to Canterbury cathedral, available through Cathedral House 

Bellenger, Dominic Aidan et al (2005) The mitre and the crown, Sutton publishing 

Collinson, Patrick et al (1995) A history of Canterbury cathedral, Oxford UP 

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Willis, Robert (1845) The architectural history of Canterbury cathedral, Tiger of the stripe reprint 2006 

Woodman, Francis (1981) The architectural history of Canterbury cathedral, Routledge & Keegan Paul

For stained glass windows we have referred primarily to three works:

Ingram Hill, Derek  (nd)  The stained glass of Canterbury cathedral,  Friends of Canterbury cathedral

Michael M.A.  (2004)  Stained glass of Canterbury cathedral,  Scala Publishers

Rackham, Bernard  (1957)  The stained glass windows of Canterbury cathedral,  SPCK