Choir House

The Choir House (or 18 The Precincts) is a 16th century flint building on a site which which once served as dining hall to the Infirmary but today provides accommodation for about 30 boy choristers.  They range in age from 8 to 14 years, and attend St Edmund’s School for their education.  They sing at services 6 days a week, plus special events.  The cathedral choir also includes 12 adult lay clerks.

The Choir House (Image 1) is noteworthy in several ways.  Its flintwork (Image 2) is amongst the best in the city – knapped (given a flat surface) on five sides and coursed (laid in systematic horizontal rows) with a precision that is rare.  Note the chorister heads at the front door (Image 3) and the extraordinary corbels (strictly brackets as they are ornamental and have no structural function) under the window (Images 4-6)

Sources:  Sparks (2007)