Conquest House

17 Palace Street

This is another  of Canterbury’s much photographed timber framed houses, but as with 8 Palace Street most of what we see from the street – in this case an elaborate half-timbered front with wood carvings and curved braces – is a 19th century addition.  Pevsner’s Buildings of England describes this as a front ‘of unpromising-looking phoniness’.  Conquest House has a bonus attraction in its supposed links with the four knights who came to Canterbury in 1170 to kill Thomas Becket – one is depicted on the hanging house sign.  The interior, not accessible to the public, confirms that this is indeed the site of a much earlier house, with a Norman undercroft, flint walls, and first floor hall.  For numerous images of the interior see Canterbury Buildings web site.

What to see:

  • elaborate but totally recycled half-timbered front (Image 1)
  • hanging panel showing one of the four knights (Image 2)
  • leaf images on carved brackets (Image 3)
  • curved braces (Image 4)
  • dragon motifs on house number plate (Image 5)

Access:  no public access to interior

Sources:  Bateman (2001);  Newman (1983);  Quiney (1993)

English Heritage Images of England web site at;  Canterbury Buildings web site at