Edwardian style


Late 19th century to 1914


An eclectic style with influences from Mediaeval, Tudor, Georgian, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, while public buildings often had Baroque touches. A wish for space and solidity brought angular double-height bay windows with leaded lights and large gables that were front-facing and timber-heavy. Porches, often attached to a veranda with turned woodwork, had tiled floors and walls and there were coloured glass panels in wide front doors. Exterior decorative details were popular using terracotta, plasterwork, patterned brickwork, tiles and rendering.

Given this mix of stylistic origins, classification can be problematic.  The example below of the Old Post Office 1907 (now Prezzos restaurant) belongs in time to the Edwardian period, but is also included in the Art Nouveau section.