Electricity boxes (via Street Scenes)

Canterbury ‘street furniture’ includes three electricity boxes, one by Westgate in Pound Lane, another outside the Three Tuns pub in Watling street, and a third in Oaten Hill.

The three boxes are of the same type, solid cast iron boxes showing the city arms (crown, lion and three choughs) on a hinged front door.  The Pound Lane example has been often repainted and the text is difficult to read.  The Watling Street example has been recently refurbished but rust is seeping through very quickly.  The original text on each read “Canterbury Corporation Electricity Supply”.  In many other cities these are known as ‘Lucy Boxes’ after the Oxford manufacturing company of this name.

We would welcome further information on when these were erected and whether there are others.

Source:  Green (1988) shows the Watling Street box on its final page