First Archbishops’ Window (in cloisters)

This window can be seen in the east walk of the cloister, opposite the door to the Chapter House.  It was made by Geoffrey Webb in 1934.  The window portrays the first archbishops but in the centre is an image of Pope Gregory ‘the Great’, who sent St Augustine to England in 597.

What to see:

  • images of St Augustine (597-604) who brought Christianity to most of England in 597, and Archbishop Lawrence (604-619), St Augustine’s successor, who had travelled from Rome with him in 597 (Image 1)
  • image of Archbishop Mellitus (619-624) an abbot who came to England bringing books and vestments from Pope Gregory; he became Bishop of London before succeeding Lawrence (Image 2)
  • image of Archbishop Justus (624-627) who came to England in 601 and became Bishop of Rochester before succeeding Mellitus (Image 3)