Green Court Gate or Court Gate

Entry to King’s School from The Borough is today via the Mint Gate (Image 1).  This dates only from the 1860s, before which there was open access up to the Green Court Gate (Image 2) – now referred to as Court Gate.  The Court Gate (with a single large arch leading into the high tunnel vault) was built around 1160 – the same time as the Norman Entry staircase and the water tower.  Later, in the 14th century, this was converted to two smaller entrance arches.

What to see (examples of figures on The Borough side of the arch):

  • a mermaid (Image 3)
  • man in a boat (Image 4)
  • flying acrobat (Image 5)
  • two lovers (Image 6)

Sources: Kahn (1991);   Woodman (1980)