Index to Cathedral Biographies

The main biographical index to the Notebook site appears here

What follows is an index to individuals associated in some way with the cathedral and its history.  

Most connections are self-evident but some less obvious links are mentioned in brackets:

> Alphege

> Anselm

> Augustine

> Austen, Jane  (links with one of her characters)

> Barham, Rev (popularised the ‘dark passage’)

> Beaney, James (the last flamboyant memorial)

> Becket, Thomas

> Bertha, Queen

> Black Prince

> Chaucer, Geoffrey (his Canterbury Tales)

> Cooper, Thomas S (early cathedral sketches)

> Dickens, Charles (guided friends on cathedral visits)

> Dunstan

> Erasmus (left a good description pre-dissolution)

> Ethelbert, King

> Gostling, William (son of a minor canon)

> Hasted, William (lived in precincts)

> Henry IV

> Lanfranc

> Marlowe, Christopher (pupil at King’s school)

> Marx, Karl (made a point of not visiting the cathedral!)

> Maugham, Somerset (wrote of his King’s school days)

> Phyffers, Theodore (carved figures for external walls)

> Somner, William (ecclesiastical notary)

> Wesley, John (early Methodist meetings took place in the precincts)