Master’s Lodge

58 St Peter’s Street

The Master’s Lodge forms part of the complex of Eastbridge Hospital, and is private residence of the Master of the Hospital.  In addition, it provides ‘Guest and retreat’ accommodation, and some office rooms.  The property is normally barely visible from St Peter’s Street, set back behind a courtyard, large beech tree and gate on to St Peter’s Street.  The site is however in frequent use for charitable events, and on these days it is possible to see the street elevation of this 14th century timber framed building.  This has been substantially changed and restored in succeeding centuries, including twin windows re-cycled from a demolished building in modern times.  Different glimpses can be seen from other angles – by those taking boat trips in the Stour, or from the bridge approaching Greyfriars from Stour Street.

What to see:

  • evidence that the Eastbridge Hospital is run by the Franciscans (Image 1)
  • a very partial and restricted view of the timber framed Master’s Lodge (Image 2)
  • on days when the courtyard is open, a better view of the Lodge (Image 3)
  • the curved braces (Image 4) and, a 20th century insertion, twin pointed windows from a demolished building (Image 5)
  • Access:  not normally open to the public (see above) and a very limited view from St Peter’s Street

Sources:  Cantacuzino (1970);  Newman (1983);  English Heritage Images of England web site;  also for ‘Guest and retreat details