Two buildings have been selected as noteworthy examples of local non-conformist architecture .  They share classical origins in style but are 190 years apart in building date.


The earlier building is St Peter’s Methodist church built in 1811.  The design is simple (in keeping with the tenets of Methodism) but elegant.  Particular features are picked out in the images below and in the more detailed article elsewhere in the site (see button lower right).  The church stands in St Peter’s Street, set well back from the busy thoroughfare.  It was designed by Rev William Jenkins (1763-1844), a Methodist minister who retired from the ministry on health grounds in 1810 and started a new career, specialising in the design of Methodist churches.  The list of 13 churches designed by him includes the Mehodist Chapel in Rochester.

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The later building is  St Andrew’s United Reform Church which stands in Watling Street and was opened in 2001.  Its rich variety of classical motifs can be seen in captions to the following images:

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