Note for potential Authors of research

The Research section of the Notebook was launched in June 2013.  The intention is that it may differ from existing sections of the site in several ways:  

  • it will be open to any researchers to submit their results
  • copyright will lie with the author, not CHAS, and will appear at the start of each contribution
  • there are no stipulations on length (within reason)
  • issues of style and use of images or graphs will be a matter for individual authors
  • shorter pieces on individual findings or documents or events would be welcome
  • notes on historical sources for the city (maps, newspapers, recent books, etc) would also be welcome
  • notes already written eg as dissertations for earlier local history courses would be welcome
  • the expectation is that research notes will be presented as PDF files – use of a covering Notebook page with key words and a summary will integrate the PDF files with the rest of the site (with suitable hyperlinks) and will increase the visibility of research notes to Google search results

If you would like to discuss possible contributions further, do get in touch with me (contact details below).  If you would be interested in shared or group activities, we would be happy where possible to make the arrangements.  If you need help with preparation of images, integrating images and text, or creating PDF files, we will be happy to assist.