St Dunstan – window

These two windows are in the north choir aisle, high up above the Bible Windows but beneath the clerestory windows, they are the most westerly of the group of three. They were originally further east over the shrine, now destroyed, of the sainted 10th century Archbishop of Canterbury on the south side of the church, above the present day statue of the saint.

What to see:

  • The left hand window (Image 1) shows in the top roundel, King Edwy’s release from Hell by St Dunstan’s prayers, the lower left roundel shows St Dunstan in full vestments handing a chalice to a priest whilst in the right roundel he is dividing monks from secular clerks.
  • In the right hand window (Image 2) the top roundel shows God appearing to a sleeping St Dunstan with a scroll; in the left lower roundel Dunstan prays at an altar having  cast the Devil, on the left, out. The right hand roundel portrays the miracle of Calne when during an argument the floor gives way, Dunstan is safe whilst his adversaries are cast out; he is shown helping a young man and others are left outside.