Transport Sculpture

This (temporary) sculpture is by Antony Gormley (born London 1950), creator of the Angel of the North.  It is formed from 210 large black nails left over from refurbishment of the cathedral south east transept roof, weighs over 16 kg, was completed in 2010 and launched formally in January 2011.  The full size human form, modelled on the artist’s own body, hangs suspended by a 1.5m steel thread and so moves imperceptibly in the air currents of the eastern crypt.  It suspended part way between the crypt burial place of Thomas Becket and his resting place from 1220 in the Trinity chapel above.  The sculpture was expected to stay in the cathedral for two years or more (and as of June 2022 is still present).  (An earlier Gormley piece ‘Rise’ stood in the Trinity chapel during 2006.)

Transport sculpture

Sources:  Canterbury Cathedral Chronicle 2011 (article by John Meardon)