Treasury (cathedral)

The Treasury (Image 1) has historically been the repository for items of value owned by the cathedral authorities and churches within the Diocese of Canterbury.  It is situated at the western end of the western crypt.  In 2022 work was completed on converting the Treasury into a permanent exhibition space for cathedral visitors. The light levels in the Treasury are kept very low to protect the objects on display. And objects on display are expected to change relatively frequently. Currently (June 2022) the display covers several themes including the history of the foundation of the cathedral and some of the early Archbishops, the conflict between Church and State, War and reformation. Some of the most notable items on display currently are the original Black Prince‘s Achievements, and the 6th Century Liudhard medalet, discovered at St Martin’s Church in the 1840’s and on loan from the World Museum, Liverpool.

overview of western crypt, facing Treasury – showing historical display

Sources: see standard cathedral sources