Whall Window

This window is the only one that is of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ genre in the cathedral (Image 1). It was created by Christopher Whall  who was an influential designer of this style made this window in 1902 and another window  once in St Andrew’s chapel but lost in WWII.  He created the jewel like quality with intense colours by the use of thickly moulded ‘slab glass’ known as ‘Early English’ although it had been recently developed.

The window is planned with three biblical scenes in the centre panel and angels and saints on the side.  It shows ‘The Resurrection’ in the centre at the top with the figures of the archangels Uriel, and St Michael on either side.

In the centre is ‘The Agony in the Garden’, with figures of John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist flanking.  At the bottom of the window there is ‘The Nativity’ with St Bartholomew and James Major.

What to see:

  • In the first light of the top register, the Angel Uriel is particularly striking (Image 2)
  • In the centre of the top register, The Resurrection (Image 3)
  • In the centre of the second register, The Agony in the Garden (Image 4)
  • In the centre of the third register, The Nativity which has been used on a Christmas card (Image 5)

NOTE:  to hear a Cathedral Podcast about the Whall window click here