Archbishop’s throne in choir

In addition to St Augustine’s chair, there is a Victorian Archbishop’s throne which stands on the south side of the choir.  This was created in 1844 by George Austin, architect and surveyor, but paid for by Archbishop Howley.  At the enthronement of a new Archbishop, this seat is used to enthrone the new primate as bishop of the See of Canterbury; he is then enthroned as Primate of All England and President of the Anglican Communion on St Augustine’s chair.  The former is conducted by the Archdeacon of Canterbury, the latter by the Dean.

What to see (Image 1):

  • an ornate early Victorian addition to the cathedral dominated by an elaborate canopy
  • a style noted by Newman (1983) simply as ‘convincingly gothic’, but derided by others as reminiscent of a wedding cake

Sources:  see standard cathedral sources;  also enthronement programme for Rowan Williams 27 February 2003

Archbishop’s chair (in choir)