Life of Thomas Becket (cathedral window)

This window is the first of the Miracle windows north but is different in that it shows scenes from Becket’s life and is therefore dealt with separately (Image 1).  The window, in part, dates from the early 13th century but also has portions added or heavily restored in the 19th century.

What to see:

  • Central and near the top is a scene of Henry II and Becket on their respective thrones before they quarrelled in 1164 (Image 2)
  • Lower down, Becket’s murderers are shown at the cathedral door in chain mail and helmets (Image 3)
  • Lower down still Henry II is shown doing penance at St Thomas’ tomb for the murder that he was held responsible for (Image 4)
  • In the centre at the bottom of the window is the famous Image of St Thomas in full archbishop’s vestments, mitre, chasuble, pall, dalmatic  and alb. This scene is clearly not part of the original window as it cuts across the border (Image 5)