Notebook News – May 2021

Developments leading up to May 2021

The most important new development on the website was the provision of a new A-Z index.  We hoped this new index would allow website visitors to more easily find pages on topics of interest to them, and even to suggest new topics (if they do not find the information they are looking for). Many thanks to David Lewis and Joyce Ainslie for the painstaking work in compiling the index and cross-checking all the links.

A new page was added to describe the recently restored great south window of Canterbury Cathedral.  This is the largest window in the cathedral containing many stained glass images (of the ancestors of Christ) that are hundreds of years older than the original 600-year old gothic window.  While gaining access to the cathedral was limited, it was suggested to visit the new page to view some of these ancestors?  

There was a new page on the south east transept of the cathedral and another on the prolific children’s author, G A Henty, and an update to the page on the Poor Priests’ Hospital.

We also made available a list of nearly 100 talks delivered to CHAS members from 2004 to 2021.

Basic counts

number of site visitors            940 per day (based on Moonfruit counts) 

size of site (MB)                        600 MB

number of pages                     894

number of images                   3220

Past progress

2009 and 2010











2018 and 2019


site created covering membership, meetings, excursions, etc

launch of first 100 pages of city history

new sections on Street Scenes and on the Cathedral

new section on Research topics

won Hayes award for best writing on Canterbury history

new section on oral history

reproduction of Canterbury Times articles (to 2016)

major re-formatting of site for ipads and tablets

reproduction of booklets on St Alphege local history trails

reproduction of past Society publications

new section on city Architecture

extension of various sections in Street Scenes

public release of Geoff Downer’s pages on cathedral Building Stones