The ornate wooden pulpit standing at the east end of the nave was erected in 1898 in memory of Dean Robert Payne-Smith (Dean from 1871 to 1895).  It was carved by the architect George Bodley.  The main panels include carvings of the crucifixion and annunciation.  The balustrades carry two large figures, according to modern writers those of St Augustine of Canterbury and Pope Gregory.  Not all agree, however – J Charles Cox writing in 1905, not long after installation of the pulpit, claimed the figures represented St Augustine and St Paulinus.  Brass plaques by the pulpit stairs refer to the Dean and to his daughter, Jessie, a scholar of the Syriac language.

What to see: (click images to enlarge and read captions)

  • an ornate late Victorian Gothic-style pulpit with balustrade, figures and tester (Image 1)
  • side panels depicting the crucifixion and annunciation (Image 2)
  • large figures on the balustrade – but who are they? (Image 3)
  • plaque to Dean Payne-Smith (Image 4)
  • plaque to Jessie Payne Margoliouth née Smith (Image 5)

Sources:  see standard cathedral sources