Walter Reynolds (died-1327)  (via memorial stones index)

Archbishop of Canterbury (1313-1327)

Walter Reynolds started life from humble surroundings at Windsor as the son of a tradesman.  He became chaplain to King Edward I and, was later appointed preceptor to his son, who was crowned King Edward II. Reynolds became Treasurer of England in 1307. He was a prebend of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, and later promoted to the bishopric of Worcester in 1308, at the king’s request. He was installed as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1314, the year following his appointment.

He died a few months after officiating at the Coronation of Edward III. He was buried in the south wall, beneath a window. The effigy, now sadly in poor condition, is carved from Caen Stone, as is the base. The large single slab on which the effigy lies is of Purbeck Marble. Traces of paintwork have been identified on the tomb and effigy and the monument would once have been colourful and resplendent with polychromy.

tomb of Archbishop Reynolds – Caen Stone image lying on Purbeck Marble slab