Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene

The chapel was restored in 1955-6 with the altar and predella donated by the Revd Canon Frederick Joseph John Shirley. The altar has the appearance of a variety of Bath Stone. Canon Shirley died in 1967 and following the cremation of his body his ashes were interred within the chapel to the south of the altar and marked on the floor by a commemorative inscription.

On the floor in front of the chapel is a badly damaged raised stone memorial or cross slab of Purbeck Marble. The memorial bears a disc-shape headed staff and has been dated c1250-1350. No records exist as to the origin of the coffin-shaped stone, although several potential occupants interred beneath have been put forward, including Thomas Becket. It has also been suggested by Tempest Hay that the cross slab may have come from a derelict church elsewhere in Canterbury in the early 20th Century.