Lt Colonel John Stuart (d. 1808)

Sculptor: Peter Turnerelli

This sculptural figure work of a wounded officer supported by the embodiment of the Nation commemorates a soldier killed in battle during the Peninsular War. The figures and lower inscribed sarcophagus are of Carrara Marble. The rear arched panel is a grey metamorphic marble (recrystalised limestone) with numerous anastomosing white veins and cloud-like patches; a stone marketed as Marmo Nuvolato. The grey marble is rich in finely disseminated carbon. The stone was quarried from the Carrara area in the Apuan hills and probably brought to England in large consignments of various grey and white marbles. Occasionally a sculptor would seek to reinforce the mood of their work through the choice of materials. In this monument it can be argued that the figures depicted in a pure white Carrara Marble are superimposed upon a roiling storm-laden martial sky of Marmo Nuvolato.

memorial to Lt Colonel John Stuart