Bastion chapel

After the First World War, changes in the precincts included the placing of two additional bells in the Cathedral bell tower in memory of bell ringers who had died; conversion of the Bowling Green into a Memorial Garden with its memorial cross; and conversion of the Bastion Chapel into a Memorial Chapel.  It is entered from the War Memorial Garden (Images 1 to 3).

The bastion, originally used as a guard house, forms part of the medieval city walls (Image 4).  It is open from time to time for services and for guided tours and visits.

What to see inside:

  • Striking example of squared blocks of chalk and flint (Image 5)
  • Altar with Purbeck marble top (Image 6)
  • Bronze sword on top of the altar (Image 7)
  • Examples of ccoloured glass panes  (Images 8 and 9)
  • Wall text in chalk block ‘A place where Prayer is wont made’ Acts 16:13 (Image 10)
  • Ceiling timber of oak (Image 11)

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Source: Guided tour by Patricia Jukes and associated Cathedral handout.  Steve Rogers provided several of the photographs.