Edgar Evelyn Ravenhill DSO (1859-1907)

Sculptor Eric Gill

This wall memorial was erected in recognition of Edgar Ravenshill’s service during the operations in connection with the protection of the Aden Boundary Commission. He died in the Cape Colony at Wynberg. The tablet was carved and inscribed by the noted sculptor and typeface designer Eric Gill. Using a Roman style font in red lettering Gill has inscribed the inscription onto an attractive tablet of alabaster upon which rests an alabaster cornice. Gill’s full name was Arthur Eric Rowton Gill and he has ‘signed’ the work within the place name “Wynberg” by the addition of a small “A” before the “E” and a small “ILL” within the “G” together with the year of completion.

wall tablet to Edgar Ravenhill
Gill’s name on the Ravenhill memorial