Nicholas Wotton (c. 1497-1567)

Dean of Canterbury Cathedral (1541-1567)

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Following the dissolution of the cathedral priory Nicholas Wotton was appointed to become the first Dean of the new foundation. He was a much respected diplomat and held office under four monarchs during turbulent times. Upon his death his body was brought from London to Canterbury and the memorial erected in the prominent location of the Trinity Chapel by his nephew Thomas Wotton.

The tomb depicts Wotton kneeling before a desk in academic attire surrounded by copious renaissance architectural motifs including an obelisk, Corinthian columns and carved fruit. The monument is of the highest quality and carved from alabaster. It has been much speculated where the monument was constructed and by whom, with various theories supporting English and continental workshops, but with no agreed conclusion.  Several black panels adorn the sarcophagus and obelisk; seemingly these have been painted to emulate the use of a black marble.

The tomb appears to have had a new stone plinth installed at some time, the north-eastern corner of which has broken off and a piece of Bethersden Marble  inserted.

tomb of Nicholas Wotton